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Self-isolating and quarantining during the coronavirus global pandemic is forcing us all to come up with some interesting ways to stay entertained Apparently, actress Rita Wilson is partially spending her time on lock-down spitting bars. Those unique conditions — the frightening reality of the COVID-19 pandemic — hangs over Club Quarantine.” During his sets, D-Nice reminds viewers to wash their hands and to stay at home; he pays tribute to healthcare workers who are fighting the virus on the front lines.
Carlotta Freni — who works in the music industry and has lived in Milan, Italy for 13 years — created her quarantine playlist "Songs for Pandemics" after the Lombardy region's lockdown began on February 23. That lockdown now includes the entire country, as the number of infections and deaths continues to climb.

To be faithful to this "unique period in our recent history," Freni decided to include an eclectic mix of new releases from the past few weeks, songs by artists who canceled gigs in Milan to prevent contagion, songs about crisis, and "songs from the past" that "let the listeners both dance and meditate." Lastly, Freni added, she tried to put listeners in a good mood with a playlist that is equally joyful and melancholic.
Surrounded by his wife Jada, his daughter Willow, Jada's mother Adrienne Banfield Norris and his eldest son Trey for a special episode of the talk show, the veteran rapper-actor discussed the severity of the virus and the importance of social distancing, which his other son Jaden decided to practice hence his absence.

And during her mandatory quarantine in Australia, after she and hubby, two-time Academy Award winner Hanks (Forrest Gump) contracted COVID-19, she took a moment to rap along with the infectious club banging hit from 1992. These songs—listen to them on a playlist we've created Spotify Apple Music —are dear to me because they have helped shape my walk with Christ since 2006.
While the World Health Organisation recommends singing ‘Happy Birthday' twice to time a 20-second hand wash, a number of songs have 20-second choruses that work just as well. This week, Spotify launched a playlist inspired by the parties, DJ D-Nice's Homeschool” D-Nice imitators have sprung up, including several DJs — Kid Capri, DJ Premiere, Questlove — with similar old-school hip-hop pedigrees.

Katy Perry, Madonna, Shawn Mendes, Halle Berry, and Cheryl all have something in common - they've publicly fallen for a meme that shows quarantined Italians on balconies singing along to popular songs. Wilson's video quickly caught the attention of her celebrity friends, who took to the comments to compliment her on her rapping skills.
While putting on caps like most rappers, Sajaka is seen using his hands to make beats by drumming on the table as the three kick off the song by introducing themselves by name. Members have posted tens of thousands of videos of themselves and the people they're cooped up with for the next month or so, singing every sort of song imaginable.
We selected 15 rap songs that represent some of the best sounds that 2019 had to offer, while also foreshadowing what might come next in 2020. XXL compiles a list of rappers making the best of their time while on quasi-lockdown. Earlier, New Zealand spinner Ish Sodhi also came out with an innovative way to tell people to isolate themselves amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Some commentators think the video was racist, tying the coronavirus to the race of the nail technician. Meanwhile a Ghanaian doctor in China has created a rap song in Mandarin about the virus. The most popular playlist to emerge from the outbreak thus far is "COVID-19 Quarantine Party," which boasts more than 100,000 followers at the time of writing.

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